Memory and Mind Training


Many people experience short-term memory and other cognitive difficulties as they grow older. The BEST For Seniors Recallections Memory and Mind Training Course is designed to address these issues.

Based on the theory of neuroplasticity or brain “remapping,” Recallections seeks to strengthen cognitive functions through a program of special mental exercises. Students can track their performance of these exercises to determine how successfully they work with and retain various types of information.

Recallections guides students on a journey of self-discovery and intellectual growth designed to improve their memory as well as their reasoning and problem-solving skills. Simply put, overall cognitive function is strengthened by fully engaging an individual’s own, unique learning style.

Recallections is presented in weekly group classes that feature lively student discussions led by our specially trained instructors.

Recallections classes are intellectually stimulating – and fun! Recallections™ Memory and Mind Training Course is available at leading retirement communities and senior centers.

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